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Product Image Scott Hydro Electric Cross Flow Turbine

Scott Hydro Electric Cross Flow Turbine


Designed and manufactured for years of maintenance free service. Turbine housing constructed of heat treated Aluminum with powder coated finish. Entire assembly of components made of non-corrosive materials. Bearings are double sealed permanently lubricated stainless steel.

Runner, shaft and all fasteners made from 300 series stainless. Permanent magnet alternator is direct drive supplying 3 phase AC current for increased reliability and long line transmission capability.

Cross flow turbines are unlike most water turbines which have axial or radial flows. In a cross flow turbine, water passes through the runner transversely, or across the blades. Similar to a water wheel, water is admitted at the turbine’s edge passing through the runner and leaving the opposite side.

Going through the runner twice provides additional efficiency. This design inherently cleans itself of small debris and pollution. The cross flow turbine is a low speed machine suited for low head high flow applications.

The Scott turbine is capable of 2000 Watts, and rated for 1500 Watts at 15 psi. AC output can be rectified to DC for charge controller for battery systems or grid tie applications. 90 pound unit has a standard 5 inch pipe 8 bolt pattern connection hub. Recommended 25 feet of head, or 15 psi minimum.

Intake should be screened to prevent fish, leaves, rocks or debris from entering system. Turbine should be weather protected with a small shelter.

Advantages of the cross flow turbine are:

  • Ideal for low head conditions as little as 20 feet.
  • Flat efficiency curve yields more desirable annual performance.
  • Excellent behavior with partial load or low flows.
  • Well suited for unattended electricity production.
  • Simple construction is easier to maintain than other turbine types.
  • Self cleaning super quiet design.
  • No dam required – simple diversion intake acceptable.

 This system is designed to run 24/7/-365 days a year in all weather conditions. Made solidly and proudly in the USA.

All of our generators are made to order based on your site specifications and typically take 2-3 weeks for delivery. The models shown on this page will be jetted and plumbed to your flow rate and pressure, including pipe length and diameter.

Please add your GPM average and your available head in the 'Comments' box when you order. These are required for us to fulfill your order properly. The closer your numbers are to actual site performance allows the manufacturer to precision build your unit for maximum output.

Questions? Email us before you order brownellmicrohydro(at)gmail.com 

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