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Product Image APM hydro power generators

Alternative Power and Machine Generators


APM has a vast selection of the most user friendly units on the market. From the most basic Ford alternator unit to the high output four nozzle permanent magnet turbines, APM can match a power head to your site from over 250 different model combinations.

All Pelton style generators come with a 3 year warranty, and include a spare Delrin composite runner. Water box construction is marine grade powder coated steel, with a 14 inch square base.

Changing nozzles is accomplished by removing four wing nuts and lifting off the generator head. This quick release style of access allows nozzles changes in 2-3 minutes.

Brownell Microhydro mainly sells the Permanent magnet versions, as they are the easiest maintained highest output units. APM will create a generator from your auto alternator, or repair/modify the competitor’s products! Please calculate your site’s potential carefully, as there are many selections available – please ask us for help if you need it: brownellmicrohydro(at)gmail.com 

Group 1
Large frame Ford alternator, for small head sites. 12/24 or 48 Volts DC, 6-130 Amp output. Wound field rheostat controlled. Common bearings, brushes found at auto stores. For budget minded builds, includes alternator on water box with wiring, no valves.

APMG1       1 nozzle      
APMG1       2 nozzle       
APMG1       3 nozzle       
APMG1       4 nozzle      

Model 1032
Single Phase permanent magnet alternator, best suited for 12 or 24 Volt DC. Electrically isolated wiring in grey pvc junction box. Up to 750 Watt outputs, transformer/rectifier available for long wire runs. Includes valves, extra runner and assortment of nozzles with a comprehensive owner/installation manual.

APM1032    1 nozzle      
APM1032    2 nozzle       
APM1032    3 nozzle       
APM1032    4 nozzle      

Model 1038
3 phase permanent magnet alternator for 12/24/48/120/240 or 480 Volts DC or AC in 10-66 Amps. A super versatile turbine for many applications. Same features as 1032, but allowing more design flexibility and mppt capability. Up to 1100 Watt maximum output.

APM1038    1 nozzle      
APM1038    2 nozzle       
APM1038    3 nozzle        
APM1038    4 nozzle

All of our generators are made to order based on your site specifications and typically take 2-3 weeks for delivery. The models shown on this page will be jetted and plumbed to your flow rate and pressure, including pipe length and diameter.

Please add your GPM average and your available head in the 'Comments' box when you order. These are required for us to fulfill your order properly. The closer your numbers are to actual site performance allows the manufacturer to precision build your unit for maximum output.

Questions? Email us before you order brownellmicrohydro(at)gmail.com 

We want you to be happy :-)