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Micro Hydro Resources

Micro Hydro Resources

AlternativeEnergy.com - A great article on microhydro energy pros and cons.
Alternative Energy News- A good alternative energy directory of sites.
Ashden.org- A good overview of micro hydro.
Dorado Vista- A small hydro project.
Energy.gov - Micro-hydro overview page.
HomePower.com - A great article for the micro hydro newbie.
HomePower.ca - Lots of home micro hydro power systems.
Microhydropower.net - Micro hydro portal.
Mother Earth News - A bit dated but still a good article on micro-hydro power.
Wikipedia - Definition of micro hydro power.
The Only Green Directory

Renewable Energy Websites & Blogs

Backwoods Home
Backwoods Survival Blog
BuilditSolar.com - Plans, tools and information to help you build solar shed solar space heating renewable energy and conservation projects.
Green Blog
Green Home Building
Home Brew Hydro
Pump Fundamentals

Micro-hydro Companies & Manufacturers

Alternative Hydro Solutions
APM Hydro
Canyon Hydro
Energy Systems & Design
Harris Micro Hydro
HydroCoil Power
Hydro Electric Barrel
Hydro Induction Power (and here)
Natel Energy
Scott Hydroelectric
Wind Blue Power