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Natel Energy

Natel Energy SLHNatel Energy's Stream Engine is a two-stage impulse hydro-power turbine for high flow sites with 5-20 foot drops. Designed to take advantage of natural waterways (fish safe!), as well as man made flows created by irrigation, waste water outfalls, and water runoff canals.

Available in 5 sizes producing from 50 to 500 kW.  The revolving ‘cassette’ can be easily serviced or replaced in this modular unit. System consulting and design is an integral part of site development, and Natel will work with your specifications. 

Natel Energy SLH2

Natel's vision is to enable efficient, cost-effective utilization of water to produce energy while maintaining conditions that sustain or improve water resources for ecosystems, for human consumption, for agriculture, and for recreation.
Natel scale

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