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Energy Systems & Design

Standard Stream Engine

ES&D Water Buddy

12/24/48 Volts DC up to 1kW output, AC units avail custom order. For heads 10 feet to 300 feet. One, two, or four nozzles available. Bronze turgo style runner on permanent magnet alternator with automatic mppt output. Adaptable universal nozzle included. Housing made of non-corrosive alloys, includes a user’s manual and 1 year manufacturer’s warranty. 

Easy Tune Stream Engine

ES&D Stream Engine

Utilizes same features as the standard unit, and adds more power capability – up to 2kW+! As well, the power output is adjustable while in use.  Easier set up and maintenance Multiple power output options available, choose a custom set up for your specific site needs. 

Low Head Stream Engine

ES&D Stream Engine ES&D Stream Engine ES&D Stream Engine

The LH1000 is designed for low heads (2-10 feet maximum) and high flows. At 1000GPM output is 1kW. Available in 12/24/48 or 120 Volts DC. This is same generator as SE, but with an axial flow propeller design. Adjustable output permanent magnet alternator, all precision parts are machined from non-corrosive materials. 1 year manufacturer’s warranty. Draft tube is included, detailed owner’s manual, and a digital multi-meter. 

Water Buddy

ES&D Water Buddy

This 8 lb wonder can produce up to 300 Watts! Measures 6 inches square X 8 inches high. Designed for ½ inch or ¾ inch pipe, with 1 to 4 nozzles. 12 or 24 Volts DC, or 48/120 Volts DC. AC generation is rectified onboard for DC output, and includes a switch for high or low outputs. Recommended to have output fused, to protect system components. Brass nozzles are quick-change, as well as resin turgo runner. 1 year manufacturer’s warranty. Available accessory kit includes: fuses, fuse holder, quick-change plugs, and digital multi-meter.

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