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Winterized Residential Micro Hydro Generator in Stealth Mode

WInterized micro hydro generatorBy Stefan Brownell

Yeah, I know... not exactly the best timing for a winterizing post but... :-)

Generator’s ready for winter! Capped off with 1/3 barrel to keep elements out. Two inch supply line splits into four 1 inch pipes running now on about 40 GPM, which on this system equals about ¾ Horsepower, or 560 continuous Watts. 

Eventually nozzles will be reduced and go down to two as stream flow slows down in winter months (10-15 GPM). The unions at the generator allow quick disconnect and draining of the flexible pipes to protect from ice up when not in use. 

All pipes are painted to keep set up more stealth; not really a kid-prone area, but curious hunters, etc. may see it from a distance and investigate. Hopefully the ‘high voltage’ sign will keep anyone from probing around…

If your generator is out of sight, securing it may be an issue. It could be locked down or watched with a ‘game camera’ that takes pictures when movement is present. Being on the lowest point of your property to gain the fullest available vertical drop, the generator is placed near the very edge of the property. 

To ensure the longevity of your painstaking set up, make sure neighbors are informed of the ‘humming contraption’ just off their property line. Talking (nicely) to your neighboring land owners on the uphill side of your creek may lead to them relinquishing their ‘water rights’ which could result in a much higher catch spot for your pipe run equaling more power.


Yes i need to update my generator for winters. You have mentioned exact specifications here mate! Great.

Posted by kristahiles111 on December 16, 2013

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