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"Giving the water rich homeowner the opportunity to kiss the power grid goodbye."

Micro hydro systems, products, videos and more for the DIY home-owner looking to turn their moving water source into micro hydro power. Make sure to check out our blog for the latest tips and how-to videos!

Check out our products and build your own micro hydro power system:

Brownell MicroHydro (BMH) strives to supply the largest selection of quality residential hydropower products to the homeowner. All of our generators carry the full manufacturer’s warranty, and should be wired by a qualified/licensed electrician.

Please do your homework to ensure your site has the potential to make some adequate power. Consult our microhydro system equation to calculate your output, or have a site evaluation done by a professional. BMH does not give direct hands-on electrical advice about wiring, fusing, inverters, etc. If you are unsure about connections with your system – hire an electrician! 
BMH does provide site evaluations and systems in the Fingerlakes region of NY. Email us at brownellmicrohydro(at) for more info. Thanks for stopping by!

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